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"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures.
They give unconditional love.
For me they are the role model for being alive"

~ Gilda Radner ~

Deming Animal Guardians

PO Box 1275
Deming, New Mexico  

Pat 575-544-2209 Robyn 575-546-9711

General Questions: 
Pat Danser   575-544-2209

Luna County Spay/Neuter Coupons:
Robyn Callo   575-546-9711

Columbus Animal Rescue:
Pat B-E 575-649-7644

Jill Black - Executive Director 575-313-0626 

Pet Food Bank:
Jill Black   575-313-0626

Silver Whiskers: 
Judi Taylor, & Patty Salesses  575-312-9426

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Board of Directors:

  • Pat Danser, President

    I am President of Deming Animal Guardians and with Ada Johnpoll started this organization in 1991. I was a social worker for several years and am retired now. I am so proud of DAG's accomplishments thanks to the fabulous, talented, hardworking volunteers we have who are devoted to making this a better world for our animal friends. 

  • Robyn Callo, Vice President

    Robyn has been a volunteer for more than a decade and currently serves as vice-president. She's done a variety of jobs during this time, the most critical of which is handling our public spay/neuter program.  Robyn screens callers for income eligibility, organizes spay/neuter clinics and prepares the annual members newsletter.  She's rescued countless animals, many of whom currently reside with her.

  • Cindy Kane, Treasurer

    My dream growing up was to become a veterinarian; unfortunately life has a way of getting in the way and changing your plans.  With that said, my love of animals has only grown. At age 13, my father taught me how to groom dogs and helped me to maintain the business he had started before handing the reins over to me.  I continued grooming and boarding dogs until I graduated from high school.  My dad thought this business would diminish my need for a pet, but the first thing I did when I moved from my parent’s house was to get my very own dog. I have had a pet in my life ever since.

    I chose to become a part of Deming Animal Guardians for that reason. I love the work this organization does in helping keep animals safe and healthy.  The addition of the No Kill Shelter was a great addition to DAG as well as to Luna County.  

  • Patty Salesses, Board Secretary & Manager Silver Whiskers

    Following a career as a Student Nutrition Administrator, Patty began volunteering at Silver Whiskers, our Unique Boutique Gift Store, where she is one of the managers.  As she became more involved with Deming Animal Guardians, she was invited to join the board and currently serves as secretary.  She says her "current furry animal family includes two heart's delight!"

Board Members:
  • Dr. Diana Bell, Grant Writer & DAGSHIP Committee

    When Diana retired she knew the one thing that would make her retirement joyful would be working with animals.  She began volunteering at Deming Animal Guardians (DAG) 15 plus years ago. She initially served as treasurer and later focused on grant writing. But her favorite job, by far, is walking dogs and helping out at DAGSHIP RESCUE, where she is willing to do anything, including cleaning kennels.  
  • Tammy McCoy, DAGSHIP Committee 

    Tammy McCoy has always had animals and loved animals. She previously did fundraising as a board member for the Mt.Shasta Educational Foundation prior to moving to Deming. Tammy was instrumental in bringing attention to a dog hoarding problem in our county in 2018 and assisted in the rescue of these animals. She also helps with pet food pickups and animal transport in the four years she has served on our board. 

  • Mike Reitz, DAGSHIP Rescue 

    Mike, along with his wife Lisa, have been rescuing animals for years. Their rescues have included dogs and cats but also birds, potbelly pigs, goats, and tortoises.  Mike began building DAGSHIP Rescue with the help of the community and a few small grants on land leased to Deming Animal Guardians for $1/year.  Mike previously worked as the administrator for the Deming-Luna County Humane Society prior to opening his grooming shop. In 2017 he was awarded the SOMEONE Award for his “endless compassion and hard work toward providing better lives for the animals of our community”

  • Pat Burton-Eadie Columbus Animal Rescue

    After moving to the US from the UK and following a career in Human Services working with the homeless, Pat settled in Columbus.  In 2000 Pat began rescuing animals in this small border town. Columbus Animal Rescue grew from these initial efforts. In addition to her work as the director of Columbus Area Rescue, Pat also organizes visits of spay-neuter vans to Columbus. 

    Special Volunteers 

  • Judi Taylor, Silver Whiskers
  • Lisa Zeltner-Reitz, DAGSHIP Rescue 
  • Chauncey Howell, Lost and Found Pets