Deming Animal Guardians


There are numerous ways you can volunteer.
  • Do you like people & animals?
Become a board member:  if interested, contact Pat Danser at 575-544-2209; potential board members are current volunteers who would like to make a bit more of a contribution to helping. 
  • Do you like animals more than people?
Help out at DAGSHIP Rescue (1755 Domingo Road) or Columbus Animal Rescue.  We are always in need of weekend and weekday help to clean kennels and socialize animals.  Contact Chrystal at 575-313-0626 Mon-Fri 10am - 3pm.  Or join the Sunday  Lose Weight - Walk Dogs Club.  We meet at DAGSHIP Rescue on Sunday mornings at 10:30; please call or text Diana at 917-273-1734 to let her know you're coming.    Another great option is FOSTERING a dog or cat.....for a few hours or for several weeks or anything in between.  We have lots of wonderful animals just waiting for love and a break from our shelter environment.  Studies show that animals who are fostered are more likely to be adopted.  So even if you cannot adopt, foster.  It's FREE.
  • Do you like people more than animals?
Become part of the Silver Whiskers volunteer sales staff. Contact Patty Salesses at  Previous experience is not required.
Just want to lend your skills to help out?  We always are in need of people to do jobs such as picking up pet food donations (it helps to have a strong back) AND COMPUTER & SOCIAL MEDIA skills.  Is EDUCATION your thing?  We’d love to have help with Humane Education.  For any of the above opportunities and more….. contact Pat Danser @ 575-544-2209.


Kindness costs nothing, but means everything.
Moments when you slow down and just share some time and space with a pet helps you as much as the dog or cat. If you love animals, but for whatever reason can’t adopt, fostering could be a great fit for you.
Our foster program is an integral part of the success story of Deming Animal Guardians. Thanks to the dedication and care of our foster parents, DAGSHIP Rescue & Columbus Animal Rescue can ultimately shelter more animals and connect more pets with forever homes. Situations that benefit pets in foster care:
  • Pregnant and nursing mama’s with litters.
  • Older dogs & cats who have lost their owners to disease or death
  • Animals recovering from surgery.
  • Short-term care when pets owners have unexpected emergencies.
  • Animals with behavioral challenges that need socialization, especially very shy dogs

​Foster caregivers provide:
  • A safe and loving home
  • Time and patience for the pet to relax and decompress
  • Attention and care to learn a new routine and feel at home
  • Help to evaluate an animal's needs and behavior so we can better match them with a forever home
  • A foster can be long or short term ranging from a few days to months; we try to match your schedule to fit the foster

Deming Animal Guardians can provide:
  • All medical costs
  • Food and supplies
  • Consultations if questions or issues arise



Items that always top the list include:
  • pet food donations
  • cat carriers & cat condos
  • leashes & collars
  • dog treats
  • cat enrichment toys & cat towers
In addition, we take all donations including animal bedding.  ​



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Our boutique and unique gift store is located at 118 S. Silver Street and is open Tuesday - Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm.

 We have all sorts of great ‘finds’ at our store and if you don’t see it, tell the staff what you’re looking for and they’ll contact you if it comes in.  New items are often featured on the Silver Whiskers Facebook page.

 Donations are accepted and appreciated.  If we don’t think it’s something that we can sell, we’ll pass it along to another thrift store in Deming for resale.   All donations are tax deductible. In case of doubt, call Patty Salesses at 575-312-9426.


We truly appreciate your support and your business!