Deming Animal Guardians

Programs & Assistance

Low Cost Spay/Neuter

By phoning Robyn at 575-546-9711, you can receive significant discounts on the cost of spaying or neutering your dog or cat.
Additionally, we hold even lower cost spay/neuter events annually.   Check out our EVENTS page for information on any upcoming “clinics”

Trap-Neuter Return

We operate the only “TNR” program in Luna County.  If you are currently feeding a feral cat colony you are inadvertently promoting the breeding of more cats.  But these darlings are crying for food and we understand.  The only humane way to control or reduce the size of a feral cat colony is through TNR. 

 Deming Animal Guardians will help but we need your cooperation.  We will provide traps and instructions for trapping feral cats and we will provide spay/neuter coupons and possibly other assistance if you will commit to trapping these animals.  After they’re sterilized, they can be released and you can keep feeding them knowing that you’ve done the best thing for them.  Call Robyn at 575-546-9711 for traps, trapping instructions and/or spay/neuter coupons.

Re-Housing Your Pets

If you need to give up your pet for any reason, the best option for your pet would be to try to 're-home' them on your own so they can avoid the shelter experience which can be stressful.  Begin by asking friends and neighbors and ask them the spread the word.  Also, check out

Animal Rescue

Deming Animal Guardians operates two no-kill animal rescues (DAGSHIP Rescue & Columbus Animal Rescue).  We accept strays and owner relinquished dogs and cats when space is available.   We also try to rescue "death row" dogs from the Deming Luna County Humane Society.   Our rescues are happy places where animals spend time outside of kennels daily, either playing with other animals or going for walks.  We support adopters with advice to ease the transition of pet ownership and we accept returned animals if things don’t work out or life circumstances change for the adopter….although we hope that every new home an animal goes to is their “forever” home.   For more information, contact us at 575-313-0626.  DAGSHIP Rescue is located at 1755 Domingo Rd. SW and is open from 10 am - 3 pm Monday - Friday .... and by special arrangement at other times.
In 2023 we've begun a LOSE WEIGHT...WALK A DOG CLUB.  Join us on the first Saturday of the month at 10:30 am.  Contact Diana at or 917-273-1734 for more information or to let us know if you'd like to join the "club".
Dogs and cats for adoption
To find animals available for adoption, contact Chrystal at 575-313-0626, visit our DAGSHIP Rescue Facebook page or Petango.

Lost Pets/Found Pets                                                                                                                             If you've lost a pet, please contact us at 575-313-0626/; but don't stop there!  You'll also want to go to to see if your animal is posted on this site and has been found.  You should also check out local Facebook pages since there are several listing lost pets.                                                                                                                                            If you've found a dog or cat on the streets that you feel is lost, please post it on  You will also want to post a photo of the animal on local Facebook pages for lost pets.  If it's possible to keep the pet, at least for awhile until the owner is found, thank you.  If you can't keep the pet, you can contact us (575-313-0626) to see if we have space to accept the animal; if we don't, you can take it to the Deming Luna County Humane Society or contact Animal Control.

Emergency Pet Food Bank                                                                                                We distribute pet food to needy pet owners as supplies are available every Wednesday from 10 am to 1 pm at DAGSHIP Rescue (1755 Domingo Rd. SW).  We do not generally supply pet food to feral cat colony caregivers although there are exceptions.  Pet food is also distributed currently by Charlie Powell, the Columbus ACO, and through Deming Silver Linings Homeless Resource Center for their clientele.  

To receive pet food on more than one occasion, your pet MUST BE spayed or neutered.  ​We have discount coupons available to help.

Humane Education                                                                                                            While we do not currently have an active humane education program; teachers may contact Animal Protection of NM for an excellent 8 teaching modules on a variety of subjects targeting grades 3-8.  Depending on the age group of students, it may also be appropriate to show videos from

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