Deming Animal Guardians

Cultivate Hope and Joy 

What Your Support Provides

Deming Animal Guardians depends on donations to fund our programs, supplies, and operational expenses. No amount is too small. Donations help us to operate a No-Kill animal shelter and to help the animals in our care to find a loving home. Donations also help us to fund other programs to make responsible pet ownership more affordable to low income pet owners.

You May Also…

Send check or cash to PO Box 1275, Deming, NM 8803 or drop off at Silver Whiskers 118 S. Silver St. (Tues-Sat 10am-2pm)
All cash and in-kind donations are tax-deductible


DONATE PET ITEMS: Donating dog food, toys, bedding, cages and kennels are all appreciated. If you have lost a pet and find yourself with extra items, 
please contact us:

575-544-2209 or 575-313-0626

Heart made from dog food

Collection Boxes

Deming Animal Guardians has collection bins around town. We hope you will leave spare change when you can and if you own a business, please consider hosting a collection box of your own. It's amazing how our small coins can easily add up to food and vaccines for the rescues.  Don't be afraid to add folding money too!   


Silver Whiskers

Check the Silver Whiskers Facebook Page for store hours. Shopping at Silver Whiskers, supports our organization. 
Silver Whiskers offers unique gifts & treasures. You can find a variety of jewelry, dinnerware, furniture, antiques and more.

Visit us at 118 S. Silver St, Deming NM.
All proceeds benefit our 501c3. 

If you have unused gift cards, drop them off at Silver Whiskers and we'll re-sell them online.   If the unused/unwanted gift cards are e-cards, send them to  These cards usually sell for 70% of their face value.  It's a great alternative to letting them sit around, unused!

New Mexico License Plates

The "Spay-Neuter" pet care special registration plate. Fee: $37.00 initially and upon each regular registration renewal.                         A portion of these purchases goes back into our county for spay and neuter assistance.                                                                     Buy your plate today, it's paws-atively adorable.

Application form MVD11249 | Download PDF 



     for Charity

Integrated into eBay's regular buying and selling platform, eBay for Charity, makes it easy for people to support Deming Animal Guardians. It enables sellers to donate a portion of their sales and buyers to shop while supporting their favorite charities! Ebay buyers can select  DAG as a favorite charity.  Every time at checkout, a donate button (1-5 bucks) appears and a donation can be made to DAG.  Sign in to ebay.  Go to ebay for charity type in Deming Animal Guardians. Click Search twice. Scroll down to DAG and select as favorite charity.   

You never know what you might find on this site. We hope you will take a look and Sell for us, or Shop, it's so easy. 


PEPPERS SUPERMARKET gives back to us every single time you shop with them. All you have to do is leave your receipt in the bin as you head out the door. Located to your right, on the left end of their customer service counter. It is truly amazing how those receipts add up and how much Peppers Supermarket gives back to us all each and every time you shop.
Please take 
30  seconds to drop your receipt and tell your friends too!

Do-It-Yourself Fundraisers on PayPal or Facebook

PayPal Fundraisers- Log in to PayPal. Click on fundraisers - create a fundraiser. Type in DAG and follow instructions, Upload to social media websites emails, etc.          

Facebook / Meta Fundraisers - When you donate to a charity on Facebook, and choose monthly donations; Meta volunteers to match the donation after your second donation is made up to $100. Don’t know if it is  each month or a one time donation.  Double your impact and help DAG!

PayPal Giving - select DAG as your favorite charity and a donate button will appear every time you use  PayPal. Sign in to your PayPal account. Scroll down to “make a difference” and click the icon. This will take you to another page where you can type in Deming Animal Guardians and click search. You will get a selection of filters select ‘all’; then ‘animals and pets",  then “state – New Mexico and click search.  Click on logo- this takes you to a description of DAG. Click the heart icon below the description. The heart turns pink. Every time you check out with paypal you get a $1 donation button.  Sounds more complicated than it is and those $1 donations add up.

Promo Header - $5 bonus

With AmazonSmile going away on 2/20, it's more important than ever to let folks know there's a great replacement. 

Tell-A-Friend about iGive today and everyone who joins between February 10, 2023 & March 1st, 2023 AND makes their first purchase within 30 days of joining earns $5 for Deming Animal Guardians! (That's in addition to the normal purchase donation!

Remind friends that makes it super simple to earn Donations while they do their normal shopping at over 2,000 stores. They can shop the website, use the iGive App for iOS and Android, and give 'automagically' with the Button on their laptop or desktop.




Install the iGive button on your computer and then when you shop at a participating store (LL Bean, FTD florists, etc.) your purchases can ear DAG dollars.                                       To register with iGive go to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        To install the iGive button on your computer, go to

When you install the iGive button on your computer, a percentage of the sale of an item can be donated to Deming Animal Guardians.  Sign up for iGive at 

and find all the wonderful stores that participate, from              

In response to the demise of Amazon Smile, iGive is 

To install the iGive button on your MAC go to

To install the iGive button on your PC Chrome go to