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Did your dog run out the front door or the back gate? 
Has your cat escaped from the kitty kennel on the way 
to your vet appointment?  
Perhaps you found a sad, lost and frightened dog on your way
to work and now what?

If so, this page is for you! DAG has opened a new Facebook page, where you can post or
look for your lost fur-baby.... and please tell your friends in Luna Co., NM

What to do if your pet goes missing in Luna County, New Mexico. Many of these steps also apply to a found pets.
Always include the following: 
    1. One good photo
    2. Your pets name and physical description such as color, markings, weight and size
    3. The date your pet went missing
    4. Where your pet was last seen
    5. Is your pet approachable?
    6. Collar or tag description
    7. Is your dog micro-chipped?
    8. Is your pet neutered or spayed?
    9. Approximate weight and age.
  • Call your local shelter. Contact Deming Luna County Humane Society at 575-546-2024.
    We highly recommend visiting the shelter daily as well.

  • Call local rescue groups such as Luv-U-Back Rescue 575-494-1359 and Heather's Animal Safe Haven 

  • Check in with Mike and Lisa at DAGSHIP Rescue, 575-545-8862. Since they are located on the outskirts of town, folks often drop pets off with him.

  • Contact our local newspaper, Deming Headlight. Ask for a free lost pet ad.
    Contact Bill Armendariz or Elena Ruiz at 575-546-2611.

  • Call your local veterinarians.  High Desert Veterinary 575-544-0460 and Deming Animal Clinic
    575-546-2621. If your pet was injured, these folks have likely seen them.

  • Put up flyers around town, at the Girl Scout Park dog bulletin, at major intersections and on store bulletin boards. (be sure to remove your posters when your animal is found)

  • If you feel your dog was stolen, contact the Deming Police Dept. at (575) 546-3011 or Luna County
    Sheriff at (575) 546-2655 to report the crime.
  • Post on your Facebook page, Community Groups and Friends Pages.
  • And lastly, let everyone know when your fur-baby comes back home!


If you have just moved and have not yet tagged your dog, you can write their name with a
Black Sharpie Marker, directly onto the inside collar surface. Be sure to add your phone number. 
Additionally, we highly recommend micro-chipping your pets and attaching proper tag I.D. and collars.


If you find a cat with a clipped ear it is likely a feral cat who has already been spayed or neutered.
These are known as "community cats".  Feral cats are cats who are too poorly socialized to be placed as typical pets however, animal lovers understand our community cats deserve a happy and peaceful life just like other
wild and homeless creatures in our communities. Be kind and get involved in our
(TNR) Trap-Neuter-Release Program if you can.

 "Home is where my dog is"

"Life is better with a dog"