New Mexico Spay and Neuter License Plates are adorable. Have you seen them? Proceeds from this purchase help our cause too!  

"Don't Litter, Spay - Neuter."  


"When animals are abused, people are at risk. When people are abused, animals are at risk." ~ APNM


Learn and Educate proper care of pets and if you see abuse, please report it to the authorities.

Do not leave animals in hot cars or in the hot afternoon sun.

Remember to feed, water and exercise daily for a well adjusted pet.

Unless you are a licensed breeder, please spay/neuter your pets to keep over population down.

Consider micro-chipping your pets; at minimum be sure they wear a collar with your contact information. 

Keep them off the streets and out of harms way.

New Mexico has tethering laws, please learn them.

Cruelty to Animals is a Crime: Negligently mistreating, injuring, killing without lawful jurisdiction, or tormenting an animal is a crime. Abandonment or failing to provide necessary sustenance is a felony!

Extreme Animal Cruelty is a Crime: Intentionally or maliciously torturing, mutilating, injuring or poisoning an animal is a crime.

Animal abuse is a Federal Crime. Report Abuse to New Mexico Animal Cruelty Hotline. Phone

The Dangerous Dog Act:
Holds dog owners criminally and civilly accountable if their dogs cause harm and prescribes ways to identify, register, handle and house dangerous or potentially dangerous dogs that pose a threat to public safety.

Download the ASPCA brochure, "A Guide to Community Action"



 "A best friend has
four paws"

Look for our donation boxes around Deming and please, help if you can. Just leave a bit of those extra coins!

What is a DAG volunteer? We would like to think we're like Taylor's group: 

"On a whole, you could describe our people as positive, healthy, knowledge-hungry, grateful, energetic, slightly geeky, and most importantly, driven by a strong desire to make a difference in 

the world!"

~ Taylor Conroy; 2011 

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 Thank you to our many friends, volunteers and donors who make it all come together year after year and a very special thanks to the following organizations:

Thank you to our friends on the border,
 Village of Columbus, for your continued support.

We appreciate you Moose International and our local Lodge #2088 and your continued love and support throughout our county.

DEPCOM Power, we can't thank you enough for your generous donation which allowed us to purchase our first DAGSHIP Rescue building.

Frost Foundation thank you once again for helping us educate.

Dogs and Cats Stranded on the Streets, we appreciate your continued support in helping us care for the abandoned animals.

Babes and Bullies, thank you for helping us with the big guys.

City Of Deming and Luna County, thank you for your yearly support. 

Greg Biffle thank you for supporting animal welfare in Luna County, NM.

Maddie's Fund, (Duffield Family Foundation, dba Maddie's Fund)

Maddie's Fund Innovation Grant has sent us $5,000 for our TNR Program! Wow, Thank you #ThanksToMaddie 

Thank you for your support. We appreciate you and Maddie.

Aetna Foundation, thank you for "creating a greater world" right here in Deming,  NM

Animal Welfare Fund, thank you for "protecting and improving the lives of animals" in Luna Co., NM.

Petco Foundation has again provided us with a grant, grant to help extend efforts to spay/neuter dogs weighing less than 40 pounds, and serve the Petco Foundation’s mission to raise the quality of life for pets and the people who love them and need them. 


High Desert Veterinary
Deming Animal Clinic
John Gordon, DDS
Luna Energy Facility
Southwest Pediatric Care

CHI St. Joseph's Children
Stagecoach RV Ranch
Deming Rotary Club
Tamara Hurt, CPA
Charter & Limo
Deming Smoke Shop


City of Deming, NM
Luna County, NM
Deming Animal Clinic
Sunshine Groomers
Gold Street Gallery
Peppers Market
Luna Rossa Winery
St. Clair Winery
Deming Lions Club
Howard's Maytag
Deming WalMart
City of Columbus
Sure Print
High Desert Veterinary Care
Starmax Entertainment Center


Dr. Gilbert Arizaga
Denis & Nancy Bailey
Frank & Kathleen Baker
Diana Bell
Betty Jane Barnes

Phil Barrett
Todd Baumgardt
Karen Becklin
Patricia Burton-Eadie
Bruce Biddick
Patricia Boardman
Robyn Callo
Elva Camareno
Bill and Elizabeth Church
Nancy Crider, DVM
Patricia Cunningham
Pat Danser
Sarah Dunn
Robert Floyd
Cheryl Fontane
Andrew Forbes
Jerry & Mary Jane Friedler
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Chris Hallauer
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David Miller
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Joy Miller
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Pat Orr
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Thomas Parrinello
Dave & Annette Parsons
Deb Quade
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Joel & Dr. Florence Roque
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Peggy Vegonsen
Namie Walker-Brandt
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Sue Wolfe
Rebecca Wolfgramm
Nancy Wright


In 2015, Mazie was abandoned and paralyzed but through the love, support and generosity of many she is now running, wagging, adopted and loved.

Deming Animal Guardians has received the Guidestar Seal for its 
financial transparency.

We are reliant upon donations from the community to support our work. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation by mail, through PayPal or by volunteering. EIN #01-0776195.

"If I could be half the person my dog is, I'd be twice the human I am."

We hope you will consider becoming a member and joining together with us to make a difference in the lives of Luna County, New Mexico pets.