Deming Animal Guardians

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Feral Cats Instructions & Info

1. Traps and Carriers are usually available for those willing to spay/neuter feral cats, return them to the same location where they were living, and continue to feed them. If you borrow a trap or carrier, please return them promptly to the place of origin as they are expensive and in high demand.

2. Call Deming Animal Clinic 575-546-2621, Southwest Vet 575-544-3000, or High Desert 575-544-0460 and make arrangements for your appointment before you start trapping. They will tell you which days are best for the following week.

3. Begin feeding the cats early in the evening a few days before so that they look for food at that time. Bait your trap with something that will attract the cat. Sardines work really well. Cover the trap with a towel or blanket but make sure the door can spring down.

4. Be sure to cover the whole trap after catching your cat to calm him down. Bring the cat in the trap to a safe place to keep him warm and protected overnight. In the morning bring trap and empty carrier to the vet. The cat will be placed in the carrier post-op. Each cat will need its own carrier in which to awaken and travel home. Doubling up can cause arguments or fighting from the effects of the anesthesia. Southwest Vet always keeps the cat for the first night. High Desert keeps females overnight, males will be kept overnight if surgery was done late in the day. Deming Animal Clinic will release the same day if cat will be kept in the carrier in a warm place overnight. Cats cannot be released to the outside while they are still groggy from the anesthesia and must be kept safe and warm the first night. A spare bedroom, bathroom or kitchen corner are perfect areas. Each situation may vary, so be prepared to adjust your schedule if necessary.

5. Left ear tipping will let everyone know that the cat has been sterilized. You can also tattoo an ear, or have green dye put in the incision in females. Some vets do this automatically to prevent the cat from having a second unnecessary surgery.

6. Calling for coupons before you trap makes things easier. Call Robyn at 575-546-9711 and she will email the coupon to the vet. At present we are covering $70 toward the spay/neuter and we pay for the Rabies shot. The client is responsible for any balance. There is usually a balance on female cats. When you call your vet to set up the surgery, you can ask them what you will owe.
*If you add any other treatment, you will be responsible for that payment. 

For more information call Robyn at 575-546-9711.